Community Spotlight: Mannie and Bo’s

Feeding the City of Golden since 1988, Mannie and Bo’s Pizzeria serves amazing calzones, pizzas, and offers to Mines students and the community as a whole. Featuring homemade dough, sauce, sausages, and meatballs, Mannie and Bo’s ensures that anyone who eats at their restaurant leaves happy and satisfied. Plus, their prices are actually quite reasonable especially with all of the benefits that they bestow upon Mines students.

Located a little ways down South Golden Road, Mannie and Bo’s has daily specials that include pasta and homemade meatballs or meat lover’s calzones that only cost a little more than 6 dollars and change. Mannie and Bo’s is a great place to hang out and play cards with friends on a Friday or take that someone special to for a date. The relaxing atmosphere combined with the amazing food and customer service make the restaurant stand out amongst other restaurants.

Sports, beer, and homemade food are all specialties of Mannie and Bo’s. The fantastic atmosphere makes it a great place to go and watch those weekend football games with all of your buddies. Happy hour is seven days a week and lasts from 3 PM – 6 PM, so be sure to plan accordingly. However, the best feature about Mannie and Bo’s is yet to come.

Mannie and Bo’s is known for many things, but their calzones are in a league of their own. With over 20 toppings and fillings to choose from, every calzone is custom made by the customer to suit their tastes exactly the way that they want to eat it. Adding all of these factors of amazing food, personable staff, and years of experience, Mannie and Bo’s is definitely the place to be for a full stomach and full wallet.

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