Cowboy boots have heels too, Mr. Buck!

And Ken Buck? Does it even matter if he’s wearing high heels? Cowboy boots have high heels too! But as we know, ‘tis the season… to be angry! Everyone should take a moment to thank the lord, or whatever higher power they may or may not believe in that the election season is over. Whether or not their hopeful candidate got the job, everyone should be able to agree, that every election season seems to get more and more out of hand.

When people are little, they complain that they never get any mail. When they grow up, and it’s election season, nobody can wait for that barrage of excrement to just stop. Opening a mailbox every day to the same political ads over and over is frustrating, at best. Then, coming home every day to doorknob ads for the same obnoxious politicians is just that much more aggravating.

Anyone that has watched TV in the last 2+ months knows exactly just how annoying this business can be. Since everybody just loves political “public service” ads anyway, having them shoved down your throat constantly for what feels like eternity might as well be elevated to the status of “American Pastime.” After that would come the sport of ignorant party loyalty.  You know the story. No matter what, “Republicans Rule, Democrats Drool,” though candidates real stances on issues are rarely – if ever – known. Maybe, just maybe, after that would come baseball.

Given the eagerness with which would-be representatives trash talk one another, it makes voters question not just morals, but maybe even sanity. The veritable poop-storm of garbage flooding the airwaves is not so much like being force fed hot sauce as being made to gargle and swallow a whole bottle of Robitussin. It certainly says something about the tact of politicians that the most responsible thing to do is probably not to vote for any of them at all. Seemingly none of the candidates deserve to represent a barnyard of animals, much less the state of Colorado or any larger group. That’s not a statement to be mean, but really, just how many skeletons can one have in their closet before it constitutes a sacred burial ground? The second most admirable act for the average uneducated voter would have to be voting for someone he or she has never heard of before. The odds of that turning out well are about as good as Mickey Mouse’s chance of winning the popular vote for president.

Another concerning issue is how much money must be spent on all of the paper, media, and slander that goes into a campaign. Maybe if the trash-talking was cut out of each candidates budget, they might not only make a more positive impression, but could even have some funds to put towards all the programs that they promise. Sure, they are boosting the economy, but cutting budgets for education and everything else once elected isn’t going to do anybody any favors in the long run.

So the next time elections roll around, take a look at the national debt. Voters should do themselves a favor and take a look at how incoming representatives handle their campaign money. They should ask themselves if that is that the sort of money management they want to see in the government. Then take the time to actually look at the real issues that are important and see where all the candidates stand, instead of just the ones that are plastered all over the television and street signs. Then make an educated decision. Voters will be doing their country a service, and maybe a trend will start – a trend of our politicians focusing on the people, and not each other.

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