Geek of the Week: Kevin Tornes, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering

This week’s GOTW, or more accurately, “Greek of the Week,” is a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, an Air Force ROTC participant, and a major geek. Kevin Norbert Tornes is beginning his sophomore year and his third semester at the Colorado School of Mines. He is an avid board game aficionado and genuine lady’s man. The following interview between “The Oredigger” and Mr. Tornes was eventful one to say the least.

Why do you play board games?
Actually, It all got started when I was fourteen to fifteen years old. I played with an 8-year-old that beat me hardcore and I have played boardgames ever since.

What is your favorite board game?
My favorite board game is Memoir 44TM. Make sure you trademark that.

Star Wars or Star Trek?
Definitely Star Wars because I have the hots for Padme and the movies as a whole are just better than Star Trek over all.

What is your favorite pick-up line?
My favorite pick-up line has to be, “Can I be your first derivative so I can lie tangent to your curves?”

What is the best joke you have every told?
Because I am in the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, my favorite joke is, “What is the only hood that does not get shot up? Brotherhood.” A bit corny yes, but nonetheless it is my favorite.

What is the best movie you have ever seen?
My favorite movie/the best movie that I have ever seen is called We Were Soldiers. I love movies about war and stuff of that nature. I am just an all-over military buff sometimes, and this movie exemplifies everything that I like about the subject.

Be it fictional or real, what is your favorite character of all time?
When I was a younger Tornes, my favorite character had to be Captain Underpants. The comic books were hilarious, and they really made me laugh when I was a kid.

What is your opinion on the ‘Mines ratio?’
I question why I come to Mines everyday because of the ratio, but I did come to the conclusion that if I ever decided to give money to the school, it would be for the “Tornes Nursing Hall.”

What is your favorite class at Mines?
My favorite class has to be Earth and Environmental systems with Dr. Shorey. I heavily contemplated becoming a geologist, but the Air Force does not need geologists as much as I want to be a geologist.

What class would you add to the Colorado School of Mines?
I would add something to replace NHV and Human Systems because my disdain for LAIS classes is immeasurable. I came to Mines for math and science.

What, in your opinion, is the best club on campus?
The Good-looking Men’s club is the best club on campus. [It was] started by yours truly, [and] you should contact me, the president, if you want to join.

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