Wil Kuhlman

Minds at Mines: Ready for Turkey day?

November is already half over and the holiday season is right around the corner. And between Thanksgiving and New Years Day, there’s something for everybody to get into the spirit of the season. Snow, lights, baked goods, family, and friends; it seems everyone has a favorite part of this time of year. So the Oredigger hit the streets of Mines to find out,  “What is your favorite part of the holiday season?”

“[My] favorite part of the holiday season is, of course, the food!  …particularly gravy…and cookies…yeah…”
–Will Kuhlman

web_harrison “Time off, so you can catch up with friends and family… and gravy. You can slather them with gravy.”
–Daniel Harrison

“Taking a break from the cold weather to visit the family. Arizona. It’s really really nice in the winter there.”
–Brandon Hodge

web_neal “No homework. I don’t know man. Probably just no homework. My favorite part of the holiday season would be having time for myself to do whatever I want and to get fat off of really good ham. Ham and potatoes both…”
–Harrison Neal

“[My favorite part is] spending all my money on worthless stuff that no one will remember after a month. That, and reindeer mounting.”
–James Douglass

web_michael “No school. No class. Parties. Oh, and also snow! Oh my God…snow…”
–Christie Michael

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