carol skelton

Minds at Mines: Thanksgiving and Pie

Thanksgiving for most people consists of gathering around a large table with family to enjoy a great feast including turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and most importantly, pumpkin pie. The meal is usually followed by some afternoon football and for some a long nap. However, some families like to “mix it up” and celebrate the holiday in unusual ways. So the Oredigger asked several students, “What unique Thanksgiving traditions does your family have?”

“My family goes on a lefse making spree! It is so much fun and also a delicious Norwegian meal!” – Carol Skelton

“We always get together and we have a talent show and we also have a movie marathon at the movie theater and watch different movies all day.” –Ginny Judge ginny judge

nicole johnson “For the last couple of years I have had ham instead of turkey for Thanksgiving.”-Nicole Johnson

“Every year we have ethnic food instead of turkey. Turkey gets old after awhile.” –Emily Hixon emily hixon

chris heller “My family gets together and we have a ‘turkey bowl’ to celebrate the holiday.” –Chris Heller

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