Movie Review: Deathly Hallows part one leaves fans wanting more

As the final chapter in the Harry Potter saga, the Deathly Hallows serves to remind the viewer that, in life, things often have to get much worse before they get better. Eminently dark and foreboding of evil, this first part to the last book in the massively popular Harry Potter series makes you wish that Warner Brothers had just gone ahead and released both parts at once, just so you didn’t have to watch everything go so horribly wrong for Harry and not have any happiness to balance it out.

Without giving away the story, the dark lord Voldemort is searching for an object that will enable him to kill Harry Potter; an object that will give him power approaching invincibility. Without this object, he cannot so much as seriously injure Harry. Throughout Voldemort’s quest for this object, Harry and his friends Hermione and Ron continue to search for and attempt destroy the remaining four Horcruxes; the source of Voldemort’s strength and near-immortality. In a similar manner to how Voldemort cannot kill Harry without this powerful object, so Harry cannot kill Voldemort without destroying the Horcruxes. It is a vicious cycle that threatens to unravel every good thing in the magical world of Harry Potter.

As a member of the uninitiated group that has not read the book series yet, any attempt at commenting on the accuracy of the movie would be foolish. However, based on the word of those who have read the books, this movie tends to keep well with the original storyline, eliminating only that which would make the movie too long or too tedious. The movie was excellent; a good balance of action, dialogue, suspense and drama. The plot was well laid out and not too complicated for a relative ‘noob’ to understand, though having not read the books, certain things did not make sense prior to explanation.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is worthy of inclusion in this epic saga, proving itself to be, in many ways, the best Harry Potter movie to date. However, you must be forewarned. Harry Potter has a great fight ahead of him, and the world can scarcely be a darker place then it is when Voldemort reaches the peak of his power. Fans wait with bated breath for the release of the final chapter, the culmination of the Harry Potter saga, when good finally triumphs and the dark lord is destroyed once and for all.

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