The Golden Diner serves a classic breakfast

Are you in the mood for a good, home-cooked breakfast? The Golden Diner on the corner on 12th street just east of Washington Avenue in downtown Golden offers a wide variety of classic breakfast choices, while incorporating some new and contemporary flavors. Established in 2009, The Golden Diner has been awarded “best breakfast in Golden” since opening it’s doors early last year.

Walking in at noon on a Thursday the dining room was mostly empty, which contributed greatly to a very relaxing, comfortable, and quiet atmosphere. The relative quiet atmosphere was a great boon and made for a relaxing lunch break. Being primarily a breakfast restaurant, though, it is likely that the dining room will be more full in the earlier hours of the morning. The front of the restaurant had large picture windows with a great view of South Table mountain which also let in large amounts of natural light. Overall, the atmosphere was welcoming, comfortable, and would be a great place to sit and read a book.

This place being known for it’s breakfast, the meal of choice as recommended by the server was Sally’s Omelet, which he said was their most popular breakfast item. The omelette was very good, cooked just right and practically bursting with flavors. More of a southwestern omelet than a traditional one, it was full of roasted green chili peppers and tomatoes, and contained a mild chipotle salsa inside. The omelet was served with generous side of hash browns, which were also cooked well. While not a huge portion, the meal was filling and of such good quality that one could easily justify $7.50 for the meal.

The combination of a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere, and good food made The Golden Diner an ideal choice for a mid-week lunch break.

The food was filling enough to keep anyone full  until dinner, and it was also easy on the wallet at less than $10 with a sizable tip makes this restaurant a positive choice for any meal. If you find yourself in the mood for a good, old-fashioned omelette or a piece of homemade pie, then stop in at the Golden Diner for a taste of home.

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