Turkey trivia turns trivial!

Contrary to the title of this event, Turkey Trivia had nothing to do with turkeys. On Tuesday night, several groups of students gathered in teams to combine their knowledge of trivia for the opportunity to win a variety of cool and tasty prizes. With categories such as “Popular Movies” and “Acronyms,” this was sure to be an interesting night full of laughter and literary mishaps.

The questions came thick and fast, as the teams each competed by offering their wittiest answers to the myriad questions. Hosted by Alpha Phi Omega, this trivia night was organized to help benefit the Food Bank of the Rockies; with a buy-in of two cans of food. If making a trip to the grocery store wasn’t on the to-do list for the day, then a buy-in for $2 was also presented. All proceeds from the event went to the food bank.

Prizes for the night included $10 gift certificates to Sherpa House and other local restaurants, a football signed by Ed McCaffrey (The authenticity of this signature can neither be confirmed nor denied at this time), and several cases of soda.

Though disappointed by the lack of turkey-specific trivia questions, many of the questions were quite funny and interesting. One category that one would expect to see here at Mines was acronyms, which contained various technical terms and phrases related to gaming. One category that was perhaps less well-known was popular culture, which asked which actors have made what movies to which actors have made the most money to which movie has had the highest gross profit in today’s dollars.

The night was taken by “The Irish,” who narrowly beat out “Singles Corner, B*****s!” in the last round. The grand prize for taking the competition was the soda and a gift certificate of their choice. The Irish decided to leave the soda and just take the gift certificate, a wise choice.

Though not terribly well-attended, Turkey Trivia was a fun break from classes and offered a chance to relax and maybe even win a good meal. Perhaps in the future Alpha Phi Omega will incorporate more turkey-specific questions into their repertoire, maybe even increasing their attendance as a result.

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