Geek of the Week: Chris Navrides, Senior, Computer Science

Put into Computer Science terms, each week the Oredigger selects from Mines a ‘pseudorandom’ geek and finds out more about them. So, without further ado, this week’s iteration of that foreach loop is, to our knowledge, the first person on-campus with a Windows Phone 7…erm…phone.

Oredigger: Would you consider yourself to be a geek?
Chris: No, I thought I was one of the cool kids until now…

Star Trek or Star Wars?
Oh, Star Wars all the way! It’s not even a competition, though the new Star Trek movie was wicked good.

What’s your favorite movie?
Boondock Saints.

What’s your favorite geeky pickup line?
Me: Do you like water? Her: Yes! Me: Then you already like 73% of me.

Windows, Mac, or Linux?
Windows all the way!

What is the geekiest thing that you own?
I have a robotic Nerf gun that has a webcam for targeting. It’s SO COOL!

What is the geekiest thing that you’ve seen happen at Mines?
Two guys were having a light saber fight with their iPhones, sound effects and everything, before class. I totally won.

Why did you pick your major?
Chicks dig [Computer Science] majors.

What is your favorite class at Mines?
Tough one. [Intro to] Modern Cryptography and Algorithms were both extremely interesting and fun. Oh, and Operating Systems.

How about your least favorite class?
Chemistry, hands down.

If you could add another class to those available at Mines, what would it be?
Mobile phone programming or Game Design & Creation/Animation.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Flight… no, super strength… no, flight. Definitely flight.

What are your plans after graduating?
Go work somewhere outside of Colorado, no clue where yet though.

Any words of wisdom for your fellow students?
May the force be with you.

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