Headlines from around the world: 12-6-10

The economy seems to have a case of ADD, as the fewer jobs then expected were added for November. Economists forecasted an increase of 144,000 jobs over through November, with the an actual increase of 50,000. The unemployment rate climbed back to 9.8%, an increase from 9.6% in October.

Negotiators for the U.S. and South Korea have reached a deal that will allow for a gradual lessening of tariffs on Korean automobiles. The free trade pact lowers many barriers between the world’s No. 1 and No. 15 economies, which should help boost the U.S. economy in the face of poor performance in job creation.

Email users may experience a decline in the amount of spam they receive each day. Oleg Nikoleanko is being charged by a Milwaukee, WI, court for operating a vast spamming network. Nikoleanko may also be connected to the world’s largest and most sophisticated spamming network, known as “Mega D”. This network is thought to be responsible for roughly 32% of spam world-wide.

South Korea has announced that it would retaliate if North Korea continues to attack. Defence Chief nominee Kim Kwan-Jin stated that they would respond by sending military jets to bomb the North if aggression continues. The South is toughening it’s military policies in response to last weeks’ attacks.

Europe is experiencing the worst winter in decades, arctic cold continues to lock up roads, airlines, and life in general Friday. With the current death toll at 40, the cold has caused chaos on many of Europe’s major roads. Southeastern Europe has had to deal with intense flooding, as opposed to arctic cold.

High-speed trains have reached new milestones in China. The Chinese government has released testing data that shows a bullet train setting a new world speed record of 302 miles per hour. This new record beats the previous record set two months ago by an identical train in China.

President Barack Obama visited the troops stationed in Afghanistan Friday. The visit was announced and came as a result of bad weather. President Obama encouraged the troops that they would succeed in the ongoing war effort.

New legislation will require all new cars to be equipped with rear-view back-up cameras by 2012. The new law is a prevention measure that seeks to lower the number of fatalities due to drivers backing their cars out of driveways and parking spaces and killing or injuring children that are playing behind the car. The Obama administration hopes that this new measure will decrease the number of fatalities and injuries by 50%.

Local law enforcement in many cities across the nation are having to deal with a new type of advertising that involves putting company logos and ad slogans in unconventional places. Microsoft Corp. has been known to have employees write messages in chalk on city sidewalks, prompting lawmakers to pass a ban on such advertising.

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