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Minds at Mines: Black Friday

Thanksgiving break is a great time to relax and hang out with family and friends. Of course, it is also the season to gorge on delicious food. After falling into a food coma, many people are ready to wake up bright and early the next day for Black Friday. Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, stores bring out some of the best deals of the season on almost everything. Doors open as early as 3 AM to a crowd of eager shoppers. Interesting things are known to have happened on Black Friday, so Minds at Mines wanted to know what Mines students did on the busiest morning of the Christmas shopping season.

“While scouting out the shortest line, my sister scraped her knuckles and started bleeding. It was kind of funny.”
-Chelsea Newgord

Jeryl Sandoval “I go into the store at two in the morning, and there’s this little grandma with curly white hairs. She’s sitting in one of those motor carts speeding down the aisle… it was really intense. I was intimidated. And all she wanted was denture cleaner. She was fierce.”
-Jeryl Sandoval

“We went to Best Buy, and I haven’t played Guitar Hero for the whole semester, so we waited in line for 15 minutes to play it. And we saved a friend from working by pretending to buy a phone from her.”
-Caty McNeil
Caty McNeil

Kevin Gill “Black Friday’s not what it used to be. I went at six and [Game Stop] opened at five, and there was no one there… I got a really, really old video game… I got it almost for free.”
-Kevin Gill

“A bunch of people were shopping in costumes so they could find each other in the store. It was hilarious… funny hats, funny shoes, boas, wings. It was pretty entertaining.”
-Carol Skelton
Carol Skelton

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