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This Week in Colorado History December 6 – December 12: Mines Athletics

Colorado School of Mines football fans can be delighted by the performance of their team in 1912. This week, ninety-eight years ago, the Orediggers, then known as the Miners, defeated Pomona College in Claremont, California. The Oredigger’s 13-0 underdog victory came only moments after they arrived in California! The team experienced a sixteen hour delay due to the wreck of a freight train, preventing their train from passing through. Ultimately, in spite of not being able to practice in California, the Orediggers triumphed in the fourth quarter to the delight of a small fan base of transplanted Coloradoans.

The stars shine brightly above Mines: Planets

It is pure providence that here in the solar system that the Earth is not the only planet. While some of the larger planets play the benefit of clearing out major debris, from the perspective of our home, these celestial bodies form an amazing variation to the eternal night sky. Before humanity had the knowledge of what the true nature of these bodies were, it was believed that the planets were wanderers of the sky since over the course of a few months, they move and over longer periods of time the planets can even appear to speed up and slow down.

Music Review: Sign No More

This week’s music review goes across the pond to Sign No More by the British group Mumford & Sons. A well-delivered collection of original songs that has steadily gained international popularity,Sign No More has established itself as one of the top albums available within the United States. It presents a folksy, upbeat style of music, utilizing purely acoustic instruments, yet avoids the typical “feel good” folk band. The combination of many of the songs’ subtle minor chord progressions and the deep, thought-provoking lyrics generate a much more complex and enticing sound; undoubtedly one of the prominent reasons for the album’s success. The audience is left with the impression that the members of Mumford & Sons are not merely trying to entertain the world, but to deal with heavy, real life problems, which in turn catapults the substance of Sigh No More to a higher level within the listener’s mind.

Movie Review: How the Grinch stole Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be a time of great cheer – a time for people to kick back, relax, and enjoy their family and the lack of homework. Of course, Christmas actually entails crazy shoppers, difficult finals, and everything but relaxing and caring about others. In fact, it is enough to make everyone feel a little bit grumpy. It is these times that require a movie to affirm and then melt the acquired cynicism. It is these times that require the original 1966 cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Mines bookstore will buy back some used textbooks

Were you expecting to have all that money you spent on textbooks go to waste? The Mines Barnes & Noble bookstore is trying to help students by buying back some of their textbooks at 50% of original retail price. Books such as Physics, Differential Equations, Fluids, and some others are guaranteed buyback, but there are also many books that the bookstore cannot buy back. If you were unfortunate enough to have to buy a custom for-Mines-only book, then you are most likely stuck with that book.


Mines Music brings in the Christmas cheer

The Mines Music program started the Holiday season off right this year, with a rousing concert featuring many of the most beloved Christmas songs. Featuring performances by the orchestra, choir, the Madrigal Singers, the Sweet Adelines, men’s barbershop, and the concert band, the annual Christmas concert is the culmination of months of practice and hard work coming to fruition for one amazing occasion.

Game Review: Hot Pursuit is on fire

A word of warning. If you are into heavy racing simulations, the arcade-style mechanics and heavy traffic of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit may not be for you. Otherwise, another warning is in order: do not buy this game until after your last final; it is enough of a blast that unless you have a resolve of steel, you will spend an excessive amount of time playing this game. It is just that good.

Cooking Corner: Homemade Beer? You betcha

Ahh, just think of that wonderful *pop* and hiss as you crack open the first bottle of your very own delicious malt beverage. What could be more satisfying then brewing your own beer, from basic ingredients and a healthy dose of good ‘ole time? Home brewing is completely legal in the state of Colorado, and is a fun and interesting cooking activity. Plus, with a little patience, the results can be enjoyed for months.

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