Club Spotlight: Boxing Club, nerds that fight back

Many people in the Mines community share the common belief that boxing is a dangerous sport that requires 300 pound brutes with brains that look like applesauce. To a Mines student, nothing is more important than what is in between the ears.
So why would a Mines student ever want to box? According to the CSM Boxing Team captain, Davis Moore, “It is never a bad thing to know how to throw a punch.” Those still concerned about the brain factor should know boxing is neither a chaotic nor a barbaric sport. Some actually say that boxing is an art. Boxing is a sport that according to Moore, “Promotes conditioning …allows for [students] to learn their capabilities, and is a self-confidence booster.”

Boxing Club is not so much about punching someone’s brain out but about conditioning, learning the proper technique to throw a punch, and relieving bottled anger from the Calculus test or the Physics homework.

Those uninterested in sparring or fighting may be interested with working out with a group that pushes and helps encourage each other. “[Moore] does not care what sport you come from,” he just wants to offer boxing as “physical conditioning like nothing else.”
The practices are structured to alternate between technique days and conditioning days. However, every day may seem like a conditioning day because “hitting the punching mitts can been the most demanding activity for some.”

Moore plans to find a coach that can help with improving technique and further train those who are interested in sparring. He hopes that there will be enough interest for the club to enter an amateur tournament. For now, the club takes more interested members to a club in the Denver metro area for a little bit of sparring and heavier training.

Boxing Club is open to everyone and meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 PM to 9 PM in the Activities Room in the Student Recreation Center. All equipment is provided. Just show up ready to sweat.

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