Cowboy Cafe gives a taste of the southwest

One phrase sums up the food at the Cowboy Cafe at 2501 Ford St. in Golden; quintessentially Colorado. With various great meal choices such as smothered burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and green chili, this new addition to the dining scene in golden will have every mouth watering for more.

First impressions of the restaurant were good; the atmosphere was laid-back and comfortable, with decor hearkening back to the pioneer days of Colorado’s history. The wall coverings and general layout of the establishment gave it the feel of an updated version of the stereotypical old-west tavern. To further lighten the already laid-back mood, throughout the dining room there were placed an assortment of humorous sayings, such as “‘vegetarian’, old Indian name for ‘lousy hunter’”.

While it was nice to feel comfortable and have a good laugh when at a local restaurant, the real reason to go there in the first place is to eat. Happily, food is what the Cowboy Cafe does best. Chicken quesadillas with a steaming bowl of the Cafe’s now world-famous green chili is sure to please anyone’s palette, enticing the senses with the well-remembered flavors and aromas of the southwest. The balance of spices and seasonings in the food was good, and the green chili made this meal great on a chilly winter day. No pun intended. The excellent food was accompanied with quick service and smiling faces, thus making the whole experience a good one.

As with any restaurant in a college town, cost is always an important concern. Dollar for dollar, a meal at the Cowboy Cafe compares favorably with any good restaurant in Golden. Most of the meals on the menu were under $10, and any of these would be sure to fill a hungry college student for at least a few hours. The Cowboy Cafe also serves a wide variety of breakfast items, and they are open Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 2:00 PM, and Saturday and Sunday 6:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

Looking for a taste of Colorado and don’t want to wait until September for the farmers’ market? Then fix that hitch in your giddyap and git yerself on down to the Cowboy Cafe, steeped in all its old-west, down-home, six-shooter-and-spurs glory. YeeHa!

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