Movie Review: Green Hornet revamps the superhero

Unlike the typical superhero whose parents die from being shot at a movie theater or start their lives with their home-world blown up, The Green Hornet, aka Britt Reid, merely had a troubled relationship with his father. These difficulties made Britt into a dysfunctional slacker that has done nothing with his life.

It was not the death of his father that made Britt realize that he needed to take responsibility and bring action to his life. It was actually a cup of terribly made coffee. This cup of coffee was prepared by his father’s mechanic every morning until Britt inadvertently fired him when his father died. This mechanic, Kato, inspired Britt to go into action and stop villains by posing as a villain. Unlike most other superheros, who have amazing talents, The Green Hornet has no fighting experience and is highly uncoordinated. Kato, on the other hand, is highly trained because of his childhood. He is a highly skilled artist, machinist, and coffee maker.

The Green Hornet has many similarities to movies like The Matrix when it comes to the fighting styles and additional stylistic effects that really make the fighting scenes of the movie pop. Stand-out effects include cars extending themselves three-fold when a bad person is kicked across or Kato seeing red when his heart starts pumping. Other effects include slowed fighting scenes and the awkward, hilarious, untrained fighting style of the Green Hornet himself.

This movie is a must-see for anyone who likes comic book action. Unfortunately, there are some sequences of blood and intense action that may make squeamish viewers want to turn their heads or cover their eyes. Fortunately, this will not be the case for the movie’s intended audience. The Green Hornet has received mixed reviews from critics, from amazingly awesome to horrendously irrelevant. There seems to be no middle ground for the critics to agree upon. Thus, after weighing all of the facts and aspects of the movie, The Green Hornet earns a solid 6.7/10.

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