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Put your pants on, please

Given this ever-so-suddenly wintery week, I have been reminded of many things: the convenience of the constant availability of Kleenex, the joys of not only sipping, but simply holding, a mug of hot tea and, above all, the benefits of anything wool or fleece or any jacket with omni in the title.

Tim’s Two Cents: On current events

I was only 1 year old when the Berlin Wall fell and freedom made its way into East Germany as the USSR began to crack. At the time I certainly could not perceive much, especially not the deep political implications of such a momentous occasion. It has been over 20 years since that international event and yet again we can observe people rising up to proclaim their own freedom over tyranny.

Morals for your story: 2-7-11

I had just received an email stating that tuition would be due in just a few short days and that I needed to check my account on Trailhead. I proceeded to see what my balance was, and to my astonishment, I had a negative balance. At first I had thought that my parents had already paid it, so I called my dad to confirm the payment. He told me that nothing was paid for yet and that he still needed to write a check. I went back to Trailhead to see the details of how my schooling was being paid, for and I realized that I had a full tuition four year scholarship. I did not apply for the scholarship and I am not sure where the money is coming from. Am I taking a scholarship from someone who deserves it? Or is it fate for me to have this scholarship to help pay for school and lighten the load for my family?
-Concerned, but Happy


Men’s Basketball hands Metro State an embarrassing 65-48 loss

Sean Armstrong drove into the lane, drew a hard foul from 6′-9″ center Shakir Johnson and drilled a desperation shot as he was falling to the floor, en route to completing a three-point play. It was that kind of night for Armstrong, who connected on 8 of 11 from the field and 12-15 from the free throw line for a game high 28 points as the Mines Men’s Basketball team cruised past Metro State College 65-48 Saturday night at Lockridge Arena in Golden, CO.


Athlete of the Week: Jesse Dennis, Senior, Diving

Five years ago, Jesse Dennis was a 15-year-old kid attending Yavapai Community College in Prescott, Arizona, with no idea where his future would take him. But one year, 800 miles and one open swim session later, Dennis’s life had radically changed. After transferring to Mines in the fall of 2007, the CSM swim and dive coach caught a glimpse of Dennis at an open swim and was so impressed that he immediately recruited him to the varsity diving team. The following year, the young, home-schooled kid from middle-of-nowhere Arizona saw success begin to flood in. He was selected as the RMAC Men’s Diver of the Year, named First Team All-RMAC, and was even recognized by ESPN The Magazine as Second Team Academic All District. In his second year of competition, Dennis would advance to the national championships and finish 14th overall in the one meter dive. Not bad for someone with only two years of experience in his event.

New Panda serves classic Chinese for less

You’re sitting in the CTLM Computer Commons at 12:15 PM on a slightly snowy day. Your stomach tells you that it is time to find sustenance, but you do not feel like cooking. You remember that a friend of yours mentioned a nice little Chinese restaurant down on South Golden Road, so you decide to give it a shot. After all, it is not far, and you are pretty hungry.


Cooking Corner: Great flavors meet guilty pleasures

When it comes down to the most unhealthy foods in the world, bacon remains on the top of the chart. Despite being fatty, greasy, and full of red meat, bacon remains unmatched for great flavor and total artery clogging at the end of the feast. As the saying goes, “You only live once,” and with this one life, why not splurge from time to time and make bacon as unhealthy as possible by deep frying it? Chicken fried bacon is this week’s food of choice. One might say, “What do you eat chicken fried bacon with?” The answer is simple. It can be consumed at any meal with any food. It makes an amazing appetizer for any kind of meal. Chicken fried bacon and pancakes, chicken fried steak, or just a hamburger. Almost anything goes well with chicken fried bacon.


Geek of the Week: Kaite Dahl

The Colorado School of Mines is known far and wide for the quality engineers that it turns out. Closer to home, CSM is known for geeks that shuffle from class to class with eyes firmly planted on their feet. Amazingly, there are are some geeks that stand out from the rest. They are so extroverted that they will, on occasion, stare at the feet of others. This week’s Geek of the Week, Katie Dahl, is one of these outgoing individuals, and she sat down with the Oredigger to share her geeky story with the world.

Headlines from around the world: 2-7-10

Egyptian protesters are calling for President Hosni Mubarak to leave office immediately. After 10 days of protests and fighting, President Mubabrak says that he cannot step down for fear that the country will become more chaotic. The government is urging the citizens to go back to their homes, to prevent further damage to the economy.

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