Morals for your story: 2-7-11


I had just received an email stating that tuition would be due in just a few short days and that I needed to check my account on Trailhead. I proceeded to see what my balance was, and to my astonishment, I had a negative balance. At first I had thought that my parents had already paid it, so I called my dad to confirm the payment. He told me that nothing was paid for yet and that he still needed to write a check. I went back to Trailhead to see the details of how my schooling was being paid, for and I realized that I had a full tuition four year scholarship. I did not apply for the scholarship and I am not sure where the money is coming from. Am I taking a scholarship from someone who deserves it? Or is it fate for me to have this scholarship to help pay for school and lighten the load for my family?
-Concerned, but Happy


I’ve had faced a similar situation earlier this semester. I was thinking about being silence at first, but somehow I felt guilty about the act. So I went up to the admission office to clarify the situation. Surprisingly I realized I was qualified for this scholarship. What I’m trying to say is that if you feel guilty about what you’re doing then it’s probably wrong. Therefore, it will make you concerned and worried about the consequence. So I think it’s better for you to be honest, as an engineer and also as a student at Mines and go talk to the front office. I know this is not easy, and I know you want to save some money for your family, but I believe you can pull this is one off.
–Be Honest

Based on your dilemma, it sounds like there was some kind of error in your account or financial aid. If you took the money, you would be stealing because you did not earn it or apply for it. I suggest you talk to the financial aid office to determine what happened to your trailhead account. It may be that you actually qualify for the scholarship. If the financial aid office confirms this, there is absolutely no ethical problem with your situation. It would be better to find out you actually earned the scholarship rather than take the money without asking questions because you could be penalized. Additionally, you should do this as soon as possible to prevent any fees.
–Act Now

While this may seem fortunate for you, it is certainly a mistake. You are taking money from a scholarship that was awarded to someone else who worked very hard to obtain it; those scholarships aren’t easy to get. That person is counting on that money to get through their education, an education your parents are willing to provide for you. Even if you don’t report this to the financial aid office, the person missing their scholarship is definitely going to, and the money is going to be taken back. I’m not sure what the consequences will be if you don’t inform the financial aid office, but if you don’t want to find out I recommend you contact them ASAP.
— Don’t be a Thief

Next Week’s Dilemma

I need money. For a variety of reasons that will be boring for you to know: I need some. Bad. I know that sperm donation is an easy thing to do, not unpleasant from what my friends have told me. It seems like a good way to earn some extra cash. So, I’ve been thinking about donating eggs. This process is supposed to be somewhat miserable, but much better money than the sperm earn. I told my mom I was interested in doing it and she said something to the effect of, “Do you think your obligation to your offspring ends at fertilization? Your genetic code is your duty to preserve, protect, and help to progress in life. That just sounds irresponsible to me.”

I hadn’t thought of it that way at all. I just thought it could bring me money and help some people who can’t have children to have some. What do you think? Would donating eggs be heroic or ethically questionable?
–Wasted Eggs

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