You have options at New Peach Garden

What is it with Chinese restaurants and great food at low prices? Golden offers many great food choices, but it is getting hard to compete with these purveyors of Chinese cuisine when they offer such an amazing meal for so little green out-of-pocket.

New Peach Garden, sitting right on the main drag at 1111 Washington Avenue, Suite 10, in downtown Golden, welcomes you into their cozy, warm dining room with quiet professionalism. From the get-go you get the feeling that these folks know food and know how to get it to you fast and done perfectly. While the atmosphere and decor were nothing to write home to mom about, they did nothing to detract from the overall dining experience. Most people coming into this establishment are here for a quick lunch on break from work, so the utilitarian feel is quite appropriate.

Upon being seated, you will be welcomed with a menu and a kettle of hot green tea. The tea felt great on a breezy Colorado day, and was a good way to whet the appetite for heartier fare. All entrees are served with a bowl of soup and a side of rice, and most lunch entrees are priced under $7.00. Being a relative newbie to Chinese cuisine, an entree with a recognizable name seemed the safest choice. The Sichuan chicken was delivered in a remarkably short time, considering the main dining room was probably 70% full.

The food was all good; cooked properly and served to the table hot and ready to eat. The serving was enough to fill the stomach of one hungry college student. The number of options on the menu were staggering, everything from Moo Shu and BBQ pork to Lo Mein and Moo Goo Gai Pan. Vegetarians need not fear. New Peach Garden has many vegetarian options as well, all of which must be as good as the meat dishes.

It would seem that New Peach Garden is not afraid to offer something good at a great price. The attitude of the owners of this fine restaurant means that they have a solid client base; they treat customers well and offer a good meal every time. Those looking for a great lunch should walk on over to the New Peach Garden and drop $8.00 on a great meal that may have them hooked on Chinese!

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