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Ticket to Ride brings out ‘Rails of Rage’

At first glance, Ticket to Ride looks to be a boring, innocuous game. For those that get the impression that the game is complex and the strategy overly simple, the truth is far from the appearance. Ticket to Ride, by Days of Wonder, has been heavily lauded as the next Catan, something simple yet addicting and addicting it is.


Community Spotlight: Boulder Beer Company

Boulder Beer Company is Colorado’s first microbrewery, first incorporated in 1979. They produce a wide variety of tasty beer, with “Hazed and Infused” being their best-seller. A brief tour of their brewery starts at 2 PM every weekday and ends with free samples of beer for those over 21. The brewery is located at 2880 Wilderness Place in Boulder.

Tech Break: Row 44 & Southwest WiFi

Over President’s Day weekend, I did something that I have not done in quite a while – take a flight on Southwest. The third major airline at Denver International Airport offered a lower fare than my perennial favorite, Frontier Airlines, between home and here, so I got to taste firsthand the crackers, peanuts, and inflight WiFi of the US’s largest low-cost airline.
At this point, getting WiFi on a Southwest flight is a very unsure proposition; the technology is only installed on seventy of their 547 plane fleet, and I did not know WiFi was available until I saw the “Southwest WiFi Hotspot” decal as I boarded the aircraft. However, the airline is aggressively rolling out the service to its fleet, and rollout appears not to be specific to just newer planes; I am positive that my flight was not on a shiny new Boeing 737-700, yet WiFi was definitely online.

Source of ultimate evil isolated

Based on a statistical analysis of multiple studies, scientists in Denver announced yesterday that they have discovered the source of Ultimate Evil. “We are excited,” said lead researcher Peter Anspach, “in a somewhat subdued way. While we have finally isolated the cause of Ultimate Evil, we have yet to discover a mode for dispatching it.” What was this fiendish evil that the studies pointed to?


Athlete of the Week: Sean Armstrong, Senior, Civil Engineering

For Sean Armstrong, playing basketball has always been a family affair. His father, Tony, has been coaching for nearly 30 years in their home state of Kansas, earning 4 high school coach of the year awards. Sean’s mother played collegiate basketball, as did his older sister Jenna, who became a standout guard at the University of Iowa. So, it should come at no surprise that Armstrong is witnessing incredible success in his senior season as an Oredigger. He has helped a team that only a few years ago finished with a dismal 4-15 record in RMAC play soar to a 24-4 record and earn the RMAC regular season championship, earning a #1 seed in the RMAC shootout for the second year in a row.

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