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Tim’s Two Cents: Traditions

Tradition is one of those qualities that separate the exceptional from the average. There are a few characteristics within tradition: pride, community, history, and shared experience. On a macro level all of humanity recognizes the traditions that coincide with the stages of life: celebration of a birth or marriage, mourning and remembrance at funerals. Moving down the scale we pass religious and national traditions, finally arriving at the microcosm that is CSM.

Morals for your story: 3-21-11

I recently got a test back, and I was very happy with my score. While going through the test, though, I noticed some mistakes that the grader had missed. I really do not want grade to be diminished, but at the same time I do not want to be walking away with a score I didn’t earn. Should I bring the test to the teacher’s attention, and throw myself on his mercy with the possibility of him lowering the test grade? I could, also, just keep my grade and be happy with it. What is the moral thing to do?
–Test Results Aren’t Always Clearly Positive or Negative

This Week in Colorado History: Education for students and teachers

The Colorado School of Mines announced this week in 1912 that it would be offering summer courses to benefit both current and prospective students. According to “The Colorado Transcript” of March 21, 1912, the courses offered would be, “Preparatory mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, analytic geometry, calculus, mechanics of engineering, general chemistry, qualitative analysis, assaying, descriptive geometry, [and] machine design.” The Transcript supported the plan and predicted others would as well. Academics were not CSM’s only concern in the spring of 1912, as the athletic programs received attention as well. “The Colorado Transcript” was especially optimistic about the baseball and track teams as one man, William E. Johnston, was “looking forward to the most successful season in spring athletics that the school has ever known.”

Tech Break: Merger Mania

Welcome back from Spring Break, everyone! AT&T is buying T-Mobile… and CenturyLink is buying Qwest. The latter story has been out for awhile, though only recently has the federal government approved the wireline telephone giant merger. The former is hot off the presses and is by far the more worrisome of the two stories.

The stars shine brightly above Mines: The rise and fall of American space travel

From the first unmanned capsules to the fantastic array of satellites and telescopes that are launched every year, there have been stunning stories of the moments that will capture the human mind forever. Yet from the perspective of those living during the height of the space race, it would be surprising to see that humans have not been to the Moon since 1972 or even made concentrated efforts to go anywhere beyond our pale blue dot.

Black to White with Bristow and Hejducek

The fifth installment of the Pokemon franchise has caught the attention of the gaming community. A game that was once intended for younger children is being enjoying by the nostalgic crowd and game reviewers alike. It is being referred to as the Pokemon Final Fantasy, and for this installment Pokemon brings changes such as seasons, a developed plot, and a makeover for the battle system.

The name says it all at Tequila’s

With a selection of Tequila that boggles the mind, this purveyor of Mexican cuisine leaves nothing to be desired. This fine establishment boasts the largest selection of Tequila in town. With over 100 different varieties and brands to choose from, customers would be at a loss to pick one without the assistance of the very knowledgeable staff. With prices per-shot ranging from $4 to $100, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

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