Black to White with Bristow and Hejducek

The fifth installment of the Pokemon franchise has caught the attention of the gaming community. A game that was once intended for younger children is being enjoying by the nostalgic crowd and game reviewers alike. It is being referred to as the Pokemon Final Fantasy, and for this installment Pokemon brings changes such as seasons, a developed plot, and a makeover for the battle system.

Would an orthodox Pokemon player (original 151) enjoy this game?
Bristow: It does not feel like a sequel to the other Pokemon games; the game is more like a complete turnaround to the franchise. I found the game more exciting than I expected.
Hejducek: The amazing design of this game allows for the old time feel of the original blue and red versions, while keeping the swift and elegant combat system designed more recently. Pokemon Black and White stays true to its roots.

Would a novice Pokemon player enjoy this game?
Bristow: Most definitely. This series is fairly easy to learn, and the limited learning curve for this game allows anyone to pick it up and be able to understand the basics of battling, movement, and strategy.
Hejducek: The game has the  twists and complicated plot dynamics that many modern games inherently lack, but an important revelation is that this game is not designed just for children.

What makes Pokemon Black/ White standout from other Pokemon games?
Bristow: The style and flow really make for a completely different gaming experience than previous Pokemon games. The story actually means something now, unlike in previous games where it was a side-quest on the way to becoming a Pokemon master.
Hejducek: The battling system has received an overhaul and now actually moves the camera angles instead of remaining stationary for the whole battle. The Pokemon appear to recoil when they are hit by a move, and they are in constant motion while the battle is progressing. All of these aspects make the battle feel more fluid and allow the player to totally immerse themselves in combat.

How does this current generation of Pokemon compare to older generations?
Bristow: Originally, I was not very impressed with this generation, but after playing the game a good amount, these Pokemon are actually well thought out and compare nicely to some of the old ones.
Hejducek: I thought that the Pokemon of this generation were just going to be remakes from previous generations, but once I got the game, I realized that I was wrong. They have created at least three new, non-legendary dragon Pokemon that are all very different from one another. Overall, I find that these new Pokemon are quite diverse and add a completely new game dynamic to the Pokemon series.

What are the weak points of the game?
Bristow: The menu styles have not impressed me, and keeping on the C-gear (a new function that allows constant online play) drains the battery incredibly fast. There are also some small elements of the game that are not intuitive, like rustling grass. Though annoying, these elements are not the most important aspects of the game.
Hejducek: The only thing that I have found to be annoying is the small amount of trainers that there are to battle. I like to battle trainers because of the experience bonus. I really dislike farming off of wild Pokemon for hours, which is all I seem to do.

Black or White?
Bristow: Definitely Black; it has a pure flying type. The technology aspect is intriguing, and while I do not get certain Pokemon that I really want, the fact that White is more nature-oriented is not appealing to me because I like the urban aspects of Black version.
Hejducek: White; it has the better legendary on the box. I also like the Pokemon that I can receive in my version a lot more. When it comes down to it, White is just the way to go when you want the best fifth generation Pokemon experience.

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