Minnds at Mines: Crazy stories

Students always end up creating one or more really good stories while in college. It is what makes college such an interesting experience. Sometimes, these events get a little crazy or out of hand. That is why this week, Minds at Mines asked students what the craziest thing that they had ever done was.

Dani Nagler – One time, during a Boys Like Girls concert, I jumped over the guard rail onto the the stage and got to get a picture with some of the band members. Since it was the last song that they played, security escorted me off the stage once the concert was over.

Kaycie-Lane Kaycie Lane – The craziest thing I have ever done was go to the Colorado Rapids game and sit right behind the goal. I do not know about anyone else, but that was pretty crazy for me.

Matt Stilwell – One night, a couple friends and myself decided to venture atop a well known arch above one of the busiest streets in Golden. This dreadful place is known as the “Welcome to Golden” sign. web_Matt-Stilwell

web_Kyle-Gough Kyle Gough – Well I have a lot of crazy stories. My floor-mates and I found a lot of rolling desk chairs one time, and we played hallway jousting with them. Another time, a huge laser system was set up in Thomas hall, so I put on tights and navigated my way through the laser system making sure not to set any of them off. One of the best parties I ever went to was a ‘sandwich and whipped cream party.’ This party was crazy because it consisted of everyone making sandwiches and licking whipped cream off of attractive people. All activities I was sober for.

Kyle Vanderveen – I once stole a parking cone with a couple guys from my floor. We then proceeded to break into a janitor’s closet using a credit card and leave the cone in there. When we returned to check if the cone was still there, it wasn’t. web_Kyle-Vanderveen

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