Stay happy, stay healthy- The CSM Wellness Fair

Think about your health! With the stress of mid-terms and multitudes of viruses circling around campus, the CSM annual Wellness Fair reminds us all to take care of our bodies and minds.

With a line formed a half-hour before the event, it was obvious that the word had gotten out about the free food and massages being offered. Indeed, the Student Health Center did not disappoint. In each corner of the room, a trained masseuse awaited the droves of students and staff. Not surprisingly, the wait for massages grew immensely long almost immediately. But from the looks on the faces of those on the massage table, the wait was well worth it.

Students were excited as health foods such as apples and granola bars sat in large barrels ripe for the picking. Samples of nutrient bars and sports drinks, as well as natural foods from Vitamin Cottage, were also available to sample. For those that only stopped in for a quick snack, it was a successful trip.

Several of the booths aimed to both inform about health related issues and test physical health. Students and staff could get their blood pressure as well as body fat checked. One company brought a simulation of “drunk-driving vision,” warning about the dangers of driving under the influence. Along with a campaign to quit smoking, there were also multiple booths related to sexual health and STD awareness – always a prevalent topic on college campuses.

The Public Safety Department also made an appearance and urged students to register their bikes and ride safely in their “Live to Ride Another Day Campaign.” As officers explained, the bike registrations have been successful as a stolen bike was recently found in a pawn shop thanks to the work of the department. Continuing with public safety, CSM police officers encouraged women to sign out for RAD classes – a free self-defense class.

The CSM Health Fair was truly a healthy break during a busy time of year. For those that did not get a chance to stop in, make sure to stop by next year. Remember, stay happy and stay healthy.

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