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E-Days mining tradition alive and well

E-Days at the Colorado School of Mines has gone through many changes over the years, yet as proven on the Saturday of E-Days,  Mining Competition is still very much alive. From 11am to 4pm, CSM students were challenged to see if they had what it takes to be crowned the E-Days Ultimate Miner. This year, with over 250 people attending throughout the day, competition was stiff.


Minds at Mines: E-days!

Last week, Mines celebrated the most-anticipated event of the year, E-Days! E-Days is three days’ worth of forgetting about school and just having fun. Minds at Mines wanted to know what peoples’ favorite E-Days memories were, and what they were excited to see this year. While most people were looking forward to the fireworks, the show was unfortunately postponed and replaced with a laser light show.

Tim’s Two Cents: Talent Show

Examining the concept of a stereotype is an interesting and revealing exercise. Recently, in my course on Middle East studies, we considered how Islam is portrayed in the popular media and how different those projections were from reality. This got me thinking about the concept of stereotypes and how they affect people at every level from the international level down to the microcosm that is CSM.

Morals for your story: 4-4-11

My roommate snores. As you might guess, this leads to many sleepless nights for me. I know we have lived in the same room for several months now, but it has just gotten to be too much. I even have tried to go to bed earlier to accommodate for the hours of sleep I lose per night. I wish I could say something to her, but she has made comments about how well she has been sleeping, and I would hate to ruin that. Should I confront her and jeopardize our friendship or stick to the earplugs while I sleep?
–Sleepless Roommate

Push team wins again

The Orecart Push army has once again dealt a stunning victory against the Pull army, continuing a run of over a decade. Fans exist for both sides. Pull supporters claim that even though the Push team tends to field superior numbers, Pullers tend to have more motivation and are, on average, more physically fit. Still, it seems that for now, the Pushers are so numerous that they quickly overwhelm their opponents, and this trend appears to show no signs of stopping.

Community Spotlight: Denver International Airport/Shadow government world headquarters

Whether you’re travelling for business or vacation, or submitting to the rule of the New World Order, DIA is the place for you. While some might say it is a world-class airport built for a growing major city, others counter that is in fact the headquarters of the Masonic Shadow Government, and the site of their secret underground concentration camp. And that state-of-the-art efficient baggage handling system? Run by child slave labor, obviously.


Athlete of the Week: Mike Fuller, Junior, Baseball

Even though wins have been hard to come by in the last few seasons for the Mines baseball team, that hasn’t stopped Junior pitcher Mike Fuller from finding success. Fuller, a petroleum engineer from Parker, Colorado, is entering his first season as a starting pitcher, and has quickly proven his worth. After starting six games, Fuller is currently tied for the team lead in wins with three, is second on the team in strikeouts with 26 and is the only Oredigger pitcher to hold his opponents batting average to under .300 at .292. During a March 20 game against RMAC rival Mesa State, Fuller tossed a two hit, complete game shutout en route to a 2-0 Mines win. The feat was only the sixth complete game shutout by an Oredigger in the last nine years, and none of the previous five had come against as formidable an opponent as Mesa State.


Music Review: Galaxies, Like A Lion

Electro-pop (e-p) is an interesting creature. The seminal e-p record was 2003’s Give Up from The Postal Service. It was a somber reflection on life matched with 8-bit bleeps-and-bloops, synthesizers, and danceable beats. Owl City moved the genre on to more accessible grounds with 2009’s Ocean Eyes using ultra-sugary lyrics about lightning bugs and dentistry. It is on from this backdrop that I will introduce Galaxies- an electro-pop project headed up by Colorado musician and Act So Big Forest cohort Dillon Groeneman.

This Week in Colorado History: Construction Zone

The sights, sounds, and minor annoyances of construction are familiar to modern day Mines students, but they are not the first generation to experience them. One hundred and ten years ago, Golden was excitedly experiencing much the same situation. “The Colorado Transcript” of April 3, 1901, commented, “Certainly [1901] has commenced in the most auspicious manner and if the contemplated improvements are carried out it will be the best year in her history.” The paper then went on to list the most recent building developments.

Movie Review: Sucker Punch

“Sucker Punch,” the fifth movie to be directed by Zachary Snyder, shows true artistic talent with a camera and modern special effects. “Sucker Punch” is visually stunning, but it lacks one of the main factors of a movie, a plot.

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