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Movie Review: Black Swan

“Black Swan” is a psychological thriller about a ballerina’s mental struggle to be perfect. It is a complex movie that pulls viewers in and keeps them intrigued. Director Darren Aronofsky is known for his brilliant yet shocking films, and “Black Swan” certainly fits this reputation.

Indie gaming In brief

Through the advent of the Internet, the ability to create games and distribute them has been at an all time high in comparison to prior generations. While the most profitable games are still those released by the major game companies, by digging slightly under the scenes, you can easily find a treasure trove of remarkably fun and challenging games in genres that are not available to the mainstream market.

Athlete of the Week: Marc Schiechl, Senior, Football

During a late September football game in 2007 between Mines and Chadron State, a young freshman Oredigger named Marc Shiechl tackled Chadron’s Danny Woodhead in what was a seemingly harmless play. Nobody could have guessed where those two athletes would end up three years later. Woodhead entered the NFL in 2008 and became a national sensation and household name as an explosive running back for the New England Patriots. Now it is Schiechl’s turn. The former Oredigger defensive end is putting his engineering career on hold as he enters the NFL draft April 28 in hopes of making the roster of an NFL team. Schiechl  has been working out with teammates Kaleb Anderson and Blaine Sumner and has already been contacted by members of the Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, San Fransisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Community Spotlight – Angelo’s CDs and More

Nestled off of 32nd Street and Youngsfield Ave in the Applejacks and Wal-Mart shopping center is a little known music store named Angelos’ CDs and More. Since their first store opened in Aurora, Angelos has been serving the local community for over 20 years. Upon entering the store, it is obvious that what it lacks in size, it makes up for in uniqueness. Stickers, posters, and even bobble heads adorn the walls and shelves of the store.

What goes on in the subsurface may not just stay in the subsurface

Of all of the themes covered in this year’s Van Tuyl lecture series, one of the more pervasive and intriguing concerns the intersection between two or more disciplines. The multidisciplinary intersection was on the display of hydrogeology and geophysics as presented by Dr. Kamini Singha of Pennsylvania State University. Singha and her team have used innovative approaches to analyze an area of the hydrologic system termed the hyporheic zone.

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