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Minds at Mines: Zombie Apocalypse

For the past week and a half, the Colorado School of Mines has been in a quarantined state. Zombies have overrun the campus and humans, with their foam, marshmallow, and sock weapons have been forced to defend themselves from the massive horde of nerd zombies. Minds at Mines inquired as to people’s opinions on the events of Humans versus Zombies.

Portal 2 arrives and exceeds high expectations

Rogue AI, space-time holes, and black humour abound in Valve’s Portal 2, released 10 hours ahead of schedule late Monday night. Valve’s latest title, set some 300 or more years after the events of the first Portal, builds on the successes of the first game without relying strongly on them.The game still follows Chell, unwilling participant in Aperture Science’s testing. Using only her wits and the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, Chell once again attempts to escape the mad AI GLaDOS and all the death traps that litter the facility.


Athlete of the Week: Jim Knous, Junior, Golf

For most of us at Mines, schoolwork dominates our time and an hour or two of free time is a luxury. But CSM golfer Jim Knous’ priorities are a little bit skewed. In addition to attending 8 AM classes every day of the week, Knous will head out to Bear Creek golf course to spend not one, but five hours each day working on his game. In three seasons as an Oredigger, the junior civil engineer has recorded 15 top five finishes, four first place finishes, has earned All-RMAC accolades all three years, been named the RMAC freshman golfer of the year, and led Mines in scoring average all three years as well.


Dr. Kathleen Hancock begins new work in MIPER

Mines’ most unique Master’s program is getting a new director. Kathleen Hancock, recently promoted Associate Professor in LAIS, will begin to direct this exceptional cadre of students beginning next academic year. Dr. Hancock is excited to become even more involved in this growing program in International Political Economy of Resources (MIPER) because she gets to work with students from diverse backgrounds and age ranges who come to the program with national and international experience in engineering, business, economics, and other fields. This variety of student interests and experiences combines with the diverse faculty backgrounds to make the courses lively and bring an unparalleled depth to the classroom.


Beer Review: Oskar Blues Old Chub Scotch Ale

Scotch ale, also known as wee heavy ale, was first brewed in Edinburgh during the 18th century. A variation of English-style pale ale, scotch ale is typically boiled for longer in order to caramelize some of the malt sugars in the wert. Scotch ales are typically made with less hops than other pale ales, and often have higher alcohol content. In a process similar to scotch whisky, some breweries add peat-smoked malt to their beer for a special earthy, smokey flavor.


Tips for Excellent Eggs

Whether you are trying to rekindle fond childhood memories or lending a helping hand to a young family member, dying eggs is always a fun Easter tradition. Egg decorating has truly become an art of its own, and there are seemingly endless ways to create your very own masterpiece. Described below are two methods – one traditional and one more abstract. Depending on the time and amount of effort you are willing to contribute, try one out and create some egg-cellent art!

Morals for your story: 4-25-11

I am currently in the process of applying for a scholarship. However, when looking over the scholarship application, there is a section asking if I have a Facebook page or not. I know there is a committee that reviews these applications and will most likely browse my Facebook page if I answer yes. My Facebook, while not stooped in feces, is not necessarily “clean,” nor is it something I wish to have an outside group look at. I believe I should be allotted privacy, and therefore I want to answer “no,” informing them I do not use Facebook. Am I morally required to answer yes on this question, or can I employ a sort of vigilantism, and respond “no” on the grounds that I believe it wrong for them to ask it of me?
–Needs Money for College

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