Cooking Corner: Deep Fried Snickers Bars

The epic conclusion to deep frying mania is the deep fried Snickers bar. This excellent candy bar takes on a pastry-like consistency when deep fried, using a thin film of frying batter.

The biggest choice a chef has when deep frying this food is the decision to make a thick or thin batter. In fact, this is the only decision besides cooking time that can be made. A thinner batter when deep frying means a crispier consistency. A thicker batter will give a crunchy pancake consistency when deep fried.

Ingredients and Materials
½ cup of white flour
¼ – ½ cup of milk
1 Tbsp sugar
Pinch of salt
1-3 frozen Snickers bars
1 deep fryer

1 – Mix all dry ingredients into bowl
2 – Add milk until the desired consistency is acquired (thick or thin)
3 – Submerge the frozen Snickers bar into the batter and wipe off excess batter
4 – Place into a 400 degree Fahrenheit deep fryer
5 – Let cook for approximately 8 minutes
6 – Remove and place onto a towel to absorb excess oil

If done correctly, amazingly sweet and crunchy deep fried Snickers bars are the end result.

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