Grill-a-day Fundraiser

The CSM entomophagy club will be holding their second annual Grill-a-day fundraiser this week. The fundraiser will feature a different insect dish for each day of the week, which may be purchased at $2 per plate. “College is a time to try new things,” said club president Vince Holt, “so we’re hoping that students will overcome their cultural taboos and try out the dishes. We’ve got some tasty stuff lined up.”
The Grill-a-day event will be held on Kafadar Commons at lunchtime Monday through Friday of this week. The menu will be as follows:

1. Monday: chocolate-chip cookies (made with mealworm flour)
2. Tuesday: freshly toasted chapulines
3. Wednesday: assorted beetles
4. Thursday: tarantulas-on-a-stick
5. Friday: casu marzu (“maggot cheese”) on flatbread

The style of the event is revamped since last year, where the dishes were offered as a chance to send prank deliveries to friends. “The more adventurous ‘victims’ actually tried the food,” said Holt, “and we got several requests to make the dishes more readily available. Needless to say, we were thrilled.”
The entomophagy club members raise several of the insect species featured in the dishes themselves, and are frequently seen advocating for more widespread farming of insects and other small animals. “Insects can be fed on plants not used for human consumption,” Holt pointed out, “freeing up more grains for people to eat. Plus, they have a higher feed-to-mass ratio and can be fed young or immature plants, making them much faster and cheaper to raise per pound.” He also mentioned the ethical argument for entomophagy, saying that some find it less distasteful to slaughter and eat insects compared to more intelligent organisms like pigs and cows. “There are a lot of insects that can be tapped for some of the rarer amino acids and proteins,” he added.
“Whether you like it or not, entomophagy is going to become increasingly popular in the coming decades, hopefully before resource shortages make it necessary. Might as well start sampling [insects] now!”

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