Minds at Mines: Zombie Apocalypse

For the past week and a half, the Colorado School of Mines has been in a quarantined state. Zombies have overrun the campus and humans, with their foam, marshmallow, and sock weapons have been forced to defend themselves from the massive horde of nerd zombies. Minds at Mines inquired as to people’s opinions on the events of Humans versus Zombies.

I love running around and hitting zombies with a foam sword. I have been human for all the second game, but I became a zombie on the last day of game one. – Peep Show

I really enjoy watching humans running from me, the superior zombie. I have been a zombie since Monday at 9 AM. Loving it; brains. – Purple Smurf Purple-Smurf

Mountain-Man I died in the final rush for the helicopter after I valiantly sacrificed myself so the remaining humans could escape. The look on the horde’s faces when, instead of running from them, I charged straight into them [was priceless]. – Mountain Man

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