Movie Review: Sucker Punch

“Sucker Punch,” the fifth movie to be directed by Zachary Snyder, shows true artistic talent with a camera and modern special effects. “Sucker Punch” is visually stunning, but it lacks one of the main factors of a movie, a plot.

Displaying a tasteful amount of gore, but an excessive amount of violence, describes this movie to a ‘T.’ The main character, Emily Browning, is a feisty warrior in her own dream world, but in real life, she is a wrongfully placed patient at an insane asylum. “Sucker Punch” follows Baby Doll (Emily Browning) as she attempts to escape from receiving an experimental treatment to make her completely passive because she has been deemed not suitable for society. Throughout the entire movie, Baby Doll perceives that instead of living in an insane asylum, she is actually working for a burlesque performing company. Thus, her time spent in dream world is actually her dancing, or what she perceives as dancing. The items are cut and paste items from a checklist from a role-playing game. The items, which are required to escape, are a map, some fire, a key, a knife, and, of course, the last item is a mystery.

Some positive notes for this movie are the soundtrack and the action. Though the action has a way of becoming boring very quickly. The plot of the movie lacks development, and when moments are supposed to be sad, the viewer can only ask, “Why should I care?” The answer to that is that there is no base for relating to any of the character in this film. An all-female cast of beautiful women only proves that sex appeal was chosen over acting talent.

All-in-all, Sucker punch is a rather disappointing film that had great potential qualities. Overall, this film receives a 6.4/10. This film was saved by the amazing soundtrack and fun and appropriate violence. At least this film did not have an awkward sex scene like “Watchmen.” Better luck next time, Mr. Snyder.

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