Music Review: The Gromet

In the state of Colorado, there are countless small garage bands that are always trying to distinguish themselves from everyone else. Usually, the result of this competition features bands with a slight deviation from a well-known band’s sound, only with different voices and band members. Thankfully, there are bands that exist that do not fit into this persona. The Gromet is a prime example of this. A local Golden band that is fairly popular in the community, The Gromet’s music mixes several different genres, including alternative rock, bluegrass, folk music, and Indie rock.

Currently, The Gromet has two albums available, Colorado Captain and The Gromet EP. Both show the artists’ flexibility with music and two of their top songs include “Corkah’” and “Heels in The Ground.” Both of these songs are great for simply relaxing with friends and talking and are great for road-trip music. Bands such as 3OH3 are unique, but Colorado is a diverse state, full of farming, mining, and beer. When someone is driving through the mountains or rural farm areas, 3OH3 simply seems out of place. In contrast, The Gromet embodies the true anomolous character of Colorado. It is not meant to be party or dance music, but rather a band of relaxation.

The Gromet is a welcome change from much of today’s popular music. Unlike songs that depict being drunk in a club or hitting on a random girl that evening, The Gromet’s music centers around simpler things, such as wondering where you are at in life or trying to get the attention of the woman you love. This quality in music is not necessarily uncommon, but it is a refreshing change from the norm. It is this attribute of The Gromet that makes them more relatable to the average person and has turned them into a popular local band.

The Gromet plays at many local establishments such as The Grizzly Rose, The Marquis Theatre, and The Buffalo Rose. For more information on The Gromet, visit their band’s website at

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