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Homebrewing Corner: Cranberry Orange Mead

Mead, or fermented honey, is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, possibly even predating agriculture.  Evidence of mead production as far back as 7,000 BC has been found in China, and cultures around the world have consumed different versions of the drink for thousands of years.  Several commercial meaderies operate in Colorado, chief among them being Redstone Meadery in Boulder and Rocky Mountain Meadery in Palisade.

While mead is one of the simplest alcoholic drinks to make, a lot of finesse goes into selecting quality ingredients and keeping conditions right for the yeast to thrive.  The following recipe produces a fruit-flavored mead, or “melomel,” which should be fully aged in a matter of months rather than the typical two years for pure honey mead.  The oranges and cranberries also give it a sweet yet tart fruity flavor.

Engineering the Hoover Dam

“To be sure, there [are] a lot of lessons to be learned from civil engineering history,” said Kiewit’s Paul Giroux, explaining the purpose of his presentation “Building Hoover Dam: Men, Machines, and Methods.” Giroux offered a brief, behind-the-scenes history of the Hoover Dam, as he explained the engineering innovations and processes that enabled the project.

Advice From Crazy People: Hero

Dear AFCP,

I recently asked some strangers for advice about an ethical dilemma, and was disappointed by the results. All of their advice was based on basic premises that I did not disagree to, usually some tripe about maximizing total happiness or whether I wanted my actions to become the general principle by which people behaved.

“The Seventh Seal:” Man’s emptiness revealed

“A skull is more interesting than a naked woman” is a quote that describes human interest in both death and lust and that when faced with a choice between the two, death dominates. “The Seventh Seal,” a 1957 Ingmar Bergman classic opens with Antonius Block, a knight who is worn out and fatigued after fighting in the crusades for the past ten years. He is accompanied by Jöns the Squire, who is an intelligent and well-versed man who writes his own music and whose speech is as smooth as silk.


High Grade released with fanfare

For his last time as Co-Editor in Chief, Abdullah Ahmed announced the release of “High Grade” 2011. “High Grade” is the literary arts journal on campus that accepts submissions each fall and publishes the pieces in the spring. They encourage artists all of kinds to send in their pieces of music, painting, drawing, poetry, writing, photography, and more. 


Authentic cowboy music entertains

“I’m dressed as a cow puncher from the 1880s or 1890s who’s just got paid and been in town for about thirty minutes,” laughed Rex Rideout, in reference to his unusual costume at Friday’s concert in the library. Throughout the night, Rideout presented Mines with poems and songs sung by the cowboys more than a hundred years ago.

Headlines from around the world 04-28-11

The worst storm cluster to hit the south in nearly four decades had finally left the area Thursday, and many are beginning to rebuild their lives. Massive tornadoes swung across six southern states last week, killing nearly 300 people and causing millions of dollars worth of damage. The city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was hit hardest by the storms, with a massive one-mile-wide tornado carving a seven-mile-long swath through the city.

Scientific Discoveries this week: 5-2-11

Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Scientists have linked many of the cases of leprosy in the United States to contact with armadillos. The unique strain of the bacterium that is responsible for leprosy, M. Leprae, has been found in armadillos, and its genome has been sequenced. The disease can be contracted through direct contact with an armadillo or by being exposed to its blood or excrement. Roughly 30% of armadillos in the southern United States appear to be carrying the bacteria. Dermatologists caution against having contact with armadillos and recommend washing hands and anything that may have touched the animal if contact is unavoidable.

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