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Minds at Mines: Summer

As the spring semester comes to a close, students at Mines begin to ponder what they are going to do during their long awaited summer vacation. Some students choose to rest up and relax, while others choose to do more schoolwork. Many students choose to work over the summer. Some of them work in engineering related fields and others work on unrelated jobs. Regardless of their exact plans, students agree summer vacation is the one time of year they are able to devote themselves to their own desires.

Morals for your story: 5-2-11

This last summer I had an internship for a Petroleum Company. I had two different supervisors, depending on whether I was working in the office or in the oil field for the week. When I was working in the oil field, I heard rumors from “pumpers” that my supervisor had been selling old pipe from the field that belonged to the company as scrap metal and pocketing the cash. I never saw it done, and I didn’t know how valid the claims were. However, I learned this semester that an investigation is being done on the specific oil field I worked in focusing on missing equipment. I don’t know if this includes the pipe or not. I got to know my field supervisor very well and do not want to cause any unnecessary grief. Am I morally obligated to call the company and let them know the rumors I heard, or if they contact me, should I play dumb or tell them the claims that were made against my supervisor? How do I decide what to do?
–Play Dumb?

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