Minds at Mines: Summer

As the spring semester comes to a close, students at Mines begin to ponder what they are going to do during their long awaited summer vacation. Some students choose to rest up and relax, while others choose to do more schoolwork. Many students choose to work over the summer. Some of them work in engineering related fields and others work on unrelated jobs. Regardless of their exact plans, students agree summer vacation is the one time of year they are able to devote themselves to their own desires.

Alex Hedlund – I plan on doing my field session this summer as well as taking some classes. It is not really summer if you are taking classes. Fun, not. I will [also] hike a little bit.

Max-Kosmick Max Kosmick – I plan on getting a few prerequisites out of the way this summer. I also intend to learning to drive manual in a 1995 Honda Civic.

Tyler Orr – I will be working at home where I will rediscover the “normal” female population. I am a professional salad tosser at Max & T’s in Grand Lake, Colorado. Try the lamb. Tyler-Orr

Erica-French Erica French – This summer, I am going to Hawaii. My dad moved there and I received an internship with Hawaiian Airlines in their engineering department. I will be working on an evaluation on the airplane’s structure, more specifically [the structure of] an Airbus A330.

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