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The mystery of Brown Building

Most Mines students witnessed the construction of the Brown Building addition and many have even had classes inside this pristine section of an otherwise ancient location. This apparent progress belies truth behind the Brown building and its new addition. The legend of the carnivorous structure is a tale of gruesome deaths and disappearances. The addition to Brown was not an effort to expand or improve facilities; it was, in fact, a desperate and probably ill-fated attempt to stifle the building’s spiritual powers.

Scientific discoveries this week: 9-5-11

Cork, Ireland – Recent studies by neuroscientists at the University College Cork in Ireland have indicated that bacteria in the human digestive system can influence brain activity. John Cryan, one of those neuroscientists, has found that even benign bugs that live in the intestines can have a noticeable effect on the brain. In a recent study, scientists fed mice a broth with a strain of benign Lactobacillus rhamnosus JB-1 bacteria and monitored the the response. During testing, the mice infected with the bacteria showed a significant decrease in sensitivity to environmental stress. While the practical uses of this knowledge are still unknown, further research could lead to a better understanding and treatment of human emotional disorders.

Headlines from around the world: 9-5-11

Libyan rebels in Tripoli have uncovered a collection of documents that appear to link the Central Intelligence Agency with Colonel Qaddafi’s intelligence service. These documents reveal information about the ties between the Bush administration and Libya’s state intelligence agency and appears to shows that the two agencies collaborated to a much greater extent than previously known. The ties apparently extended even to the US sending suspected terrorists to the Libyans for interrogation purposes. The authenticity of these documents cannot be verified at this time.

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