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This Week in Colorado History: baseball, burglars, and weather

Although the Colorado Rockies were still eighty-three years away from existing, residents of Jefferson County were able to enjoy a little September baseball in the early fall of 1910. According to the September 11 edition of “The Colorado Transcript,” the Golden baseball team defeated the Lakeside baseball team 2 to 1 “in a special post-season game for the benefit of the Jefferson county fair.”


Cooking Corner: Easy alfredo pasta with shrimp

It is a few weeks into the semester, and the number of welcome back barbecues is dwindling, which means it is time to start using that kitchen (Or going to the Slate Café, depending on one’s culinary situation)! Here is a quick and easy recipe that anyone can make. It is very versatile and can be easily adapted into a personalized, delicious creation. For example, one can easily substitute chicken for shrimp. Those who hate broccoli can choose different greens or remove them all together. All of the measurements are variable depending on the desired portion size. Once the recipe is mastered, cooking it will take only about thirty minutes.

Movie Review: We Married Margo

“We Married Margo” is a movie about coincidence, timing, and dislike between those forced into close proximity. Directed by J.D. Shapiro, “We Married Margo” weaves humor into a tale of tragedy. The movie is based upon a true story about two men who are forced to live together after they both marry and divorce the same woman (Margo) at different times in their lives. These two men, however, could not be more different from each other.

Faculty Spotlight: James Studholme

“I thought of Mines as untouchable. I grew up in the shadow of that ‘M,'” Liberal Arts Professor James Studholme said as he told the story of how he came to teach at Colorado School of Mines. Born and raised in Colorado, Studholme received his undergraduate degree from Colorado College in Colorado Springs. He fondly remembers playing football at Colorado College and competing against Mines, “It was always the last game of the season… a big deal for both schools.” From Colorado College, Studholme went on to receive a master’s degree in Creative Writing and English Literature from the University of Colorado at Boulder. When the opportunity arose to teach at Mines, he could not pass it up. “When I interviewed for the job, I just fell in love with it,” said Studholme.

A truly ultimate club

The spirit of the game. That is the motto and anthem of the Men’s Club Ultimate Frisbee team. Matt Smith, President of the Club Ultimate team, expressed an evident passion for playing the game, but wanted to emphasize the relaxed nature of the sport. “It’s just a bunch of real easy-going guys who like to get out and play Ultimate… it is an easy sport to pick up and a lot of fun to play.”

Community Spotlight: Phở Golden

Pronounced “fuh,” Phở is a Vietnamese dish many would ignorantly call soup. This delicacy of southeast Asia is so much more than soup, as anyone who has sampled its bountiful flavors can attest. Phở, a broth with rice noodles and your choice of meats, is spiced differently than anything you would expect from something like Chinese food. This excellent dish originated in Vietnam in the early 20th century, when the French arrived and introduced the concept of using cattle for food rather than just as beasts of burden. It is now a common and well-traveled dish, and well-loved by Vietnamese and Americans alike.

Club Spotlight: Photography and Sketching

There is a widely accepted generalization here at Mines that the majority of its students and faculty are science nerds and geeks, and mostly, this statement is true. But there are a lot more opportunities for self-expression to be offered at Mines if one looks diligently enough. Joining the ranks of the 2011-2012 school year organizations is a new club, Photography and Sketching, which hopes to take a creative break from the math books.


New McBride director brings enthusiasm

“[The McBride Honors Program] aspires to develop in engineers a better understanding of the world they live in, to give them a sense of what the real world they’re going to encounter is like,” said Dr. Ken Osgood, the newly named program director. Osgood was hired over the summer as part of the ongoing changes occurring in the McBride Honors Program and he intends to bring a fresh perspective and increased excellence to the program.

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