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The Eagle Soars with a inspiring tale of honor

In a heroic tale of redemption and honor, Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum), embarks on a journey to reclaim the lost emblem of Rome; the golden eagle. The story begins with Marcus, a young Roman solider, commanding his first legion in Roman-ruled Britain. The Romans are in a continued war with barbarian tribes of the Northern regions. Shortly after arriving, Marcus is injured while saving some of his captured men. He is recognized by Rome for his valor, but is devastated when he is also given a honorable discharge.

Eagles have landed at Rugby World Cup 2011

The rest of the globe is glued to the third highest internationally watched sporting event. Held every four years, it is currently being hosted by New Zealand, a nation fanatical about the sport and generally recognized as a place where the game has been honed to new heights. The smooth interplay along the New Zealand back line and immense physicality at the breakdown makes them extremely entertaining to watch. Given this, and their home advantage, they are placed as favorites to win the tournament. However, nothing can ever be taken for granted in sports, leaving 19 other nations eagerly following the performance of their respective teams; there is no reason why the American audiences should not be joining them. The US Eagles rugby team is proudly represented in the group stages, having denied Ireland a precious bonus point and also having produced a firm victory over their perennial Russian rivals. They now go on to play Italy and Australia, two tough teams. Judging on their form to date, these are games in which the US will not roll over.

Club sports in action

Here at Mines, the Club Sports Program is a huge part of many students’ life. Over 70% of Club Sports represent CSM at the highest level. The “average” club practices three times per week and competes on a regular basis. There are sports for fall, winter, and spring seasons. There are indoor and outdoor sports. There are team and individual sports. The sports offered through Club Sports include Bowling, Cycling, Ice Hockey, Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse, Men’s and Women’s Rugby, Skiing, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Tennis, Men’s Ultimate, and Men’s and Women’s Volleyball. Clubs are student run, members are required to pay dues, clubs fundraise throughout the school year, compete with other schools throughout the year (not just their season), and hire coaches.

Scientific discoveries this week: 9-16-11

Alberta, Canada – Archaeologists have discovered what appear to be the first real feathers. Embedded in amber taken from very old coal deposits, these feathers have a similar structure to modern feathers, including the long shafts and the Velcro-like hooks on the sides that enable the individual stalks to grasp each other. The archaeologists also found tiny filaments, smaller than a human hair, with no discernible structure that would make them identifiable as hairs or feathers, that were unlike anything seen before. The researchers are now calling them “protofeathers,” the ancestors to modern feathers.

What Grinds my Gears: Housing & Bieber haters

You know what really grinds my gears?

There are two things this week.

The first is old people taking all the decent housing. Where is the fun, student-oriented, off campus housing, that is still within walking distance of classes? Now, I’m not talking an apartment complex that meets the needs of a student. I want one that exceeds my expectations. At virtually every other college campus, there are apartments available with rooftop grilling areas, heated pools/hot tubs year round, study rooms, game rooms, and even garages for residents to keep their car clean and dry during inclement weather conditions (something Mines has yet to discover). Where are these around campus? I’ll tell you where they are, in the hands of the old people. These retirees and senior citizens are moving in and monopolizing all of the decent living areas and apartment complexes. The only option for a student if you want a respectable place to live is to either drive five or more minutes to an establishment that meets your requirements or start fighting for a decent house on Craigslist in March.


Fall Career Day a success

Booths filled the competition and recreational gymnasiums of the Student Rec Center and spilled out into the juice lab seating area and hallways as employers visited the Colorado School of Mines for Fall Career Day this Tuesday. The event was one of the largest in CSM history with over 200 companies in attendance. These companies represented many industries – everything from energy, petroleum, and mining to aerospace, finance, and governmental organizations.

This Week in Colorado History: Progress and professors

The Golden of the late 1880s experienced a time of optimistic prosperity, stemming at least in part from the increase in railroads in the area. “The Colorado Transcript” of September 21, 1887 excitedly reported that, “The new Denver and Golden Circle railway is getting into working shape and position.” The railway would run trains on two hour intervals from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM. With unfailing optimism, the paper suggested this would double property values, bring new, wealthy residents, create an impressive resort town, and “develop the mineral riches of the foot hills as tributary to Denver.” In addition to the account of this regional railroad, the September 21 issue of the paper carried two other stories on railroad construction.

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