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Minds at Mines: Campus Renovations

CSM has been undertaking numerous projects to make the campus more walkable and aesthetically pleasing. This year, the school opened west Brown Building and Maple Hall and completed a paved walkway along what was 16th street between Maple and Illinois streets. Improvements are still underway, with the construction of Marquez Hall and the North-South portion of what will be called Maple Plaza. In light of these recent improvements, Minds at Mines asks, “What is your opinion of the expansions and upgrades to campus?”

Club Sport Spotlight: Ice Hockey, Men’s Rugby look to improve on last year’s seasons

It seems like every year, you have some athlete foolishly proclaiming that their team is going undefeated, to the playoffs, or winning a championship even though none of these things has happened for that team in the previous decade. While there were no declarations of championship gold, you can add the Club Ice Hockey team to the list of teams here at Mines with high expectations. After finishing 14-12 in American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) play last year, the team appears poised for a breakout.

Athlete of the Week: Erin Onat, Senior, Women’s Soccer

After watching the men’s soccer team rise to unprecedented heights and attain a #1 national ranking last season, the women’s team decided it was their turn to shine. The Lady Orediggers started their season with a 7-0 record, the best in program history. During that stretch, Mines outscored their opponents 23-3 and went undefeated in conference play. The #10 Orediggers are now 7-1 overall and have high expectations for the rest of the season as they look to surpass their Elite 8 appearance in the 2009 NCAA Division II National Championship Tournament.

Weekly Sports Recap: 9/26/11

Sept 11:
Men’s Soccer – #13 CSM 3, UCCS 2 – Seun Ogunmodede scored his first goal of the season, a game-winner in the 85th minute as Mines outlasted the Mountain Lions 3-2. Baski Baker scored his third goal of the seaon in the 14th minute, Zach Page-Belknap added another in the 62nd and Manville Strand made three saves in the win.

Women’s Soccer – #20 CSM 4, UCCS 0 – Erin Onat scored twice and Megan Woodworth and Becah Morales each added a goal as CSM dominated the Mountain Lions from the start.

Israel & Palenstine

Israel and Palestine have been at war for over three thousand years, and yet the United States, along with the rest of the world, believes that peace terms can be negotiated between these two enemies. This past week, Palestine achieved international headlines as they sought to be recognized as an official state by the United Nations. Many world leaders, including President Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, ordered their UN representatives to veto Palestinian statehood until Palestine works out a peace agreement with Israel. But, this will never happen, and world leaders need to realize this fact. Actually, world leaders need to learn their history. As statesman Edmund Burke said, “Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

What Grinds my Gears: Texting language

Within this newly created form of communication, there is no way to convey true emotion, sarcasm, or intention. Let us begin with the ever-familiar “haha.” First of all, this is way too overused. I recently did a case study of an avid texter whom we will call Matt. In over 100% of Matt’s texts, there was a “haha” inserted and, in most cases, this was simply used as filler and was completely unnecessary. But secondly, it is almost impossible to tell if the “haha” is being used sarcastically or not. If I text my colleague, Matt, saying, “Bro, I just saw your girl flirting with some guido at the club,” and he responds, “haha,” does he think I am joking, and thus the “haha” is sarcastic? Or on the other hand, is he sincere and actually amused that his girlfriend is being adulterous? Far too often the receiver is left in the dark concerning the sender’s intentions, causing much of the unnecessary confusion.

This Week in Colorado History: Car Accidents

Eighty-nine years ago this week, Golden received a lesson in the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol. “The Colorado Transcript” of September 28, 1922, reported on one vehicle and two men’s havoc-wreaking trip into Denver.
Twelve-year-old Lena Marinano suffered a fractured collarbone and internal injuries when she was crushed by an automobile under the control of John Elstron, who was “said to be under the influence of liquor.” Elstron sped down a hill towards a bridge, hit another vehicle, and “then cut diagonally across the road, striking the little girl.” Marinano was knocked into a ditch and the car rolled on top of her.

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