A truly ultimate club

The spirit of the game. That is the motto and anthem of the Men’s Club Ultimate Frisbee team. Matt Smith, President of the Club Ultimate team, expressed an evident passion for playing the game, but wanted to emphasize the relaxed nature of the sport. “It’s just a bunch of real easy-going guys who like to get out and play Ultimate… it is an easy sport to pick up and a lot of fun to play.”

Ultimate Frisbee is not a particularly demanding sport, as it requires nothing but a frisbee to play and is not considered to be among any of the contact sports. Throughout the day, students of all skill levels across the campus can be found playing casual games between classes. It is an excellent way to enjoy the few remaining days of warm weather and release the tension that builds up after a long morning of classes.

On the other hand, the sport reaches a new caliber of intensity and dedication on the Mines Club team. This semester, there are approximately 20 players who regularly practice and compete on the Club Ultimate team and many of these members are avid players who take their sport very seriously. They compete throughout the year, participating in recreational and traveling teams during the summer months to keep up their skills and endurance. During the season, the team has the opportunity to showcase their talents across the country. Last season’s tournaments included trips throughout Utah and even one to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Smith encourages those interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee to drop by practice from 5-7 PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays or from 3-5 PM on Sundays. All practices are held on the North IM fields and even if you have little experience playing Frisbee, do not hesitate to attend. There are many advanced players on the team who would be happy to assist in throwing techniques and game concepts. Being a part of a team is a great way to get involved and meet new people.

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