Concert Review: Arctic Monkey’s “Suck it and See”

The Arctic Monkeys, a popular indie-rock band from Sheffield, England, who are known for their up-tempo beats and witty remarks about pop culture, released their newest album “Suck it and See” earlier this year. Unfortunately, this album and the accompanying tour are underwhelming.

“Suck it and See” offers a drastically different style of music than the band’s previous work. Though stylistic changes can keep music fresh and appealing, this change is not like that. The Arctic Monkeys’ new style sounds like they have stopped trying. Lyrically, the album is focused on a desire for women. While the band begins many songs from “Suck it and See” as they would have in their past albums, the rhythmic complexity ends when the vocals begin. Alex Turner’s vocals lack variation in pitch as well. This leads to the declaration that Arctic Monkeys have, by rock definition, ‘sold out.’

Accusing a band of ‘selling out’ is very serious and requires evidence from a concert as well as an album. The rather bland show offered by the Arctic Monkeys’ current American tour is such evidence. The concert featured no crowd interface and little stage performance. Also, band members began walking off stage before the final song finished. Tickets to the approximately ninety minute show were fifty dollars; longer concerts have been played for less money. The opening band Young Buffalo had more energy and enthusiasm than the headlining Arctic Monkeys. The Arctic Monkeys’ new direction has lost them at least one fan.

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