Minds at Mines – Back to school

At the end of each summer, Mines students return from their far-flung hideouts to campus. Their summer activities are often a mystery or a hodgepodge. A typical Mines summer can be broken down into three pursuits, working, playing, and doing nothing. So in this first issue, Minds at Mines asks, “What did you do during your summer?”

Sarah Holmes –The first third of my summer consisted of field session. I didn’t have a job for the second third of the summer, so I went rock climbing. I also went on a road trip to Houston, and… moved into my apartment here in Golden. The final third of my summer consisted of doing work for a professor here on campus.

web-Chuck-Hartwig Chuck Hartwig – I took nine credits of classes over the summer… [including] my field session and some core classes. When I wasn’t doing work for class, I was doing some training for a triathlon in Denver. I also went on a couple weekend trips around Colorado and Wisconsin.

Matt McGavin – I worked for El Paso Natural Gas in Colorado Springs. I worked for their project management department auditing contractors and traveling to project sites located in the western half of the United States to learn about the industry. web-Sarah-Holmes

Taryn Mantta Taryn Mantta – I took Differential Equations, hung out with friends a lot, and went down to the creek often… Later in the summer I drove back to California. I also stopped in Las Vegas to hang with my mom. I finished my summer with wake boarding and boating in central California.

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