Movie Review: Captain America, America’s first avenger

Building on the increasingly popular comic-book-turned-hit-movie formula, “Captain America: The First Avenger” is the kind of feel-good movie that leaves you wondering, “Where can I get a shield like that?” While the common superheroes contain inherent talent and must learn to use them for good, Captain America is the extreme opposite, featuring a scrawny kid with nothing but a huge heart.

The stage is set in World War II with protagonist Steve Rogers, a young man who simply wants to get his shot in against the Nazis. As you watch the story unfold, you cannot help but feel sorry for him; one so filled with all those qualities we value in our fighters, without the one that will actually enable him to fight: strength. Through a slightly sketchy process nobody cares to explain, the scrawny kid with a big heart becomes the most ripped, rocking, real man you can imagine. He finally has the power to fight.

The Nazis are not without their own secret weapon, though, and it will take all of Captain America’s inhuman strength to overcome the evil. And the ensuing battles do not fail to provide the pulse-pounding, white-knuckle ride that everyone knows and loves. With Captain America wielding his infamous vibranium shield, the film develops into one of the most action packed and creative movies of the summer.

In the end, Steve Rogers’ transformation into Captain America depicts the value of perseverance while demonstrating what it means to become a real fighter. And not only does Captain America save the world multiple times, but he sets the stage for the grand finale of the superhero movies, “The Avengers.” If there is one movie that this summer gave us that you should see, it is “Captain America: The First Avenger.” Careful, you might just fall in love.

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