Movie Review: We Married Margo

“We Married Margo” is a movie about coincidence, timing, and dislike between those forced into close proximity. Directed by J.D. Shapiro, “We Married Margo” weaves humor into a tale of tragedy. The movie is based upon a true story about two men who are forced to live together after they both marry and divorce the same woman (Margo) at different times in their lives. These two men, however, could not be more different from each other.

William Dozer, who goes by the nickname “Rock,” is a happy-go-lucky individual with a fetish for singing “She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes.” Rock is a very needy person who constantly demands attention and communication. He also cannot survive without a relationship. He moves in with Margo’s previous husband, Jake. Jake, on the other hand is not looking for a relationship, although he is in a very destructive relationship with a woman who is borderline insane.

The movie’s plot plays upon the polar opposite personalities that these two men possess. After accompanying Rock in his many attempts to find women at bars, Jake ends up with a lot of phone numbers that he really does not want. The movie presents the argument that people who don’t look for relationships often find their hands full with offers, while people looking for relationships are left alone.

This movie satirically looks at the joys and pains of relationships while also providing an understanding of the varied male psyche on that topic. The serious aspects of the movie are completely masked by the satirical writing styles of Shapiro and Dozer.
The best Easter egg for this film is all of the celebrity cameos, such as Kevin Bacon, Tom Arnold, Cindy Crawford, and Mark O’Meara. An added twist for this movie is that J.D. Shapiro and William “Rock” Dozer are the two men who actually married Margo and then adapted for the silver screen their own story.

“We Married Margo” is a great movie to watch when alone or when with company. Overall, this films receives an outstanding 9.4/10.

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