New college formed by big departments

On August 3, 2011, the College of Engineering and Computational Science was created. The Division of Engineering and the Mathematical and Computer Science Department reconfigured to form the Departments of Applied Mathematics & Statistics (AMS), Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE), Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS), and Mechanical Engineering (ME), within the College of Engineering and Computational Sciences.

The goal of this new college is to have “Degrees of Distinction,” in which high school students will see the majors as more distinct rather than a general broad degree of engineering. The formation of this new college with new departments will also give more executive roles.

Along with the distinction each department will be receiving in the new school, the departments will be able to show top national ranking. According to Dr. John McCray, Acting Department Head of CEE, “Civil Engineering shows promise to be able to compete with the top 20 nationally.” As the increasing number of undergraduates as well as the increasing amount of graduate students allow for a larger research volume to be completed, McCray believes that the department could be bidding for a top 20, if not a top 10 position in national rankings.

Emphasized by the Interim Department Heads of each department, whatever degree program students are currently enrolled in will not change. Interim Department Head of AMS Dr. Willy Hereman stressed that “students should keep doing what they are doing” and “resume business as usual.”

The new degree programs will not begin for at least a year, as the process for submitting a new program is a lengthy method that that requires the approval of the Undergraduate and Graduate Councils, the Faculty Senate, the Colorado Department of Higher Education, the Board of Trustees, and others. Thus for those of the MCS department hoping to get a double major in math and computer science, there will not be a program in place which separates the degrees for at least a year.

Dr. Tracy Camp, Interim Department Head of EECS, adds that according to McCray, the degree programs will be ready as early as Fall of 2012, but may not be available until the Fall of 2013.

The current majors will resume and exist alongside the new programs, when they become available. Current options available will remain available until all students in each program have either graduated or changed their bulletin.

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