The mystery of Brown Building

Most Mines students witnessed the construction of the Brown Building addition and many have even had classes inside this pristine section of an otherwise ancient location. This apparent progress belies truth behind the Brown building and its new addition. The legend of the carnivorous structure is a tale of gruesome deaths and disappearances. The addition to Brown was not an effort to expand or improve facilities; it was, in fact, a desperate and probably ill-fated attempt to stifle the building’s spiritual powers.

The first complaints emerged from the mining department shortly after the original construction of the Brown building. Mining engineering students were getting lost and not turning up for days. The students claimed that they did not remember showing up to class nor did they remember how they got lost in the first place. Janitors refused to work at night or on the second floor at any time. The school administration began to worry when the number of students disappearing annually increased in recent years. Unfortunately, no solid evidence could be found that those people were truly last seen entering Brown and that they had not just left the school permanently and forgotten to stop paying tuition.

A spiritual and paranormal activity investigation team was called in over the summer to research the disappearances and monitor the spiritual activity of the addition. The team was never seen again after they began investigating the older section of Brown. It does not appear that the new section has any spiritual powers yet, but once a student enters the old half of Brown, the maze of corridors will entangle him or her in an inescapable web of insanity.

The old Brown building is what is known to experts as a vampire. It draws on the life force of those who occupy it and uses the drained energy to perform actions like closing doors and rearranging the position of rooms and corridors. Students who have survived this long can only hope the addition stifles the original Brown building as intended instead of succumbing to its dangerous pull. Unfortunately, the same legends that inform us of the dangers also make this possibility seem unlikely.

These legends report that a powerful cult meets on the roof of the Brown building. The cult had been meeting at this location for centuries before the Brown building even existed. The members feel building on and then expanding at this site is comparable to disturbing and building on a Native American burial ground. Members are rumored to hold deep resentment towards Mines over building on their favorite incantation location and are also rumored to have threatened spiritual action. Thus, it seems unlikely the addition will remain safe for very long.

Students are advised to appreciate what safety there is in the addition and make arrangements in case of disappearance before venturing into the older section of the building.

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