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Can OPEC handle the oil game?

The worldwide oil market is unique, complex, and very difficult to predict. Robert D. Cairns, an economist from McGill University, laid out this message loud and clear in his recent research paper on the oil industry and the importance of OPEC’s involvement. Cairns, who visited the Colorado School of Mines campus last week, explained how OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, continues to hold lions’ share of the oil market and cautions that they must be careful in how they use that power.


Mines Century Society dinner honors donators

On the second floor of the Student Center outside the entrance to Slate, the names of those belonging to the Mines Century Society are forever enshrined in a metal display. The Mines Foundation honored members of this esteemed society with a South American themed dinner. Designed to highlight our educational connections with our neighbors to the south, the night started with empanada and plantain chip hors d’oeuvres.

Scientific discoveries this week: 10-10-11

Nantes, France – New evidence shows that there may be ice on Mercury’s surface, defying the long-held belief that the hot planet is completely dry. Several years ago, astronomers took radar images of the planet and found many little patches on the planet’s surface that were much more reflective than the surrounding areas. After NASA’s Messenger spacecraft had been orbiting the planet for a few months, astronomers concluded that these bright patches could be ice. It was determined that the small patches lay at the bottom of deep craters near the Mercury’s poles, where they are not exposed to the sun’s light. This environment would allow ice to remain frozen despite the searing temperatures on the planet’s surface.


Minds at Mines: Fall

In October when the leaves like the temperature begin to drop, it is clear that fall has arrived. Whether it is the MLB playoffs, Halloween, or simply the change in weather, fall is always a season packed with excitement. The chance of snow, mixed with the occasional last gasps of summer heat, make the beginning of fall at Mines an especially magical time of year. To gain a student perspective on the change of season, Minds at Mines asks, “What is the best part about October and the beginning of Fall and what are you looking forward to as the season progresses?”

Ginds my Gears: Lil Wayne

In recent years, no one has gone downhill as much as Weezy. Back in 2005, Tha Carter II was hot. With a hit like “Fireman,” it seemed as if Weezy could not have been stopped. Then came Tha Carter III, the icing on the cake. With tracks like “Mr. Carter,” “Mrs. Officer,” “A Milli” and of course, “Lollipop.” Weezy was on the top of the list and was never coming down.

Medical marijuana quandry

Medical marijuana, also referred to as weed, grass, hash, dope, pot, and reefer, is currently legal in the State of Colorado and 15 other states, but illegal in the United States of America. So, it is illegal to own marijuana anywhere in the United States, which Colorado is a part of, but it is legal to possess it in this state as long as the federal government does not find out. This contradiction creates for an interesting situation for those who possess or dispense medical marijuana, particularly when the federal government decides to enforce their law.

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