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What happened to respect?

There seems to be a massive disconnect between certain instructors at this school and the eager minds they have been given the task of teaching. I speak of the apparent lack of understanding on the part of the teachers of the incredible workload imposed on students. Yes, I understand that this is a hard school and that students are expected to work themselves half to death to graduate with even a decent GPA, but could teachers at least have a little respect for how hard it really is? I am not asking for less work. I am not asking for easier tests, shorter homework sets, or fewer tests. What I am asking is that the teaching faculty at this school recognize that students have it really tough sometimes, and rather than insult our intelligence by insinuating that students just do not believe them when they say something, rather realize that they probably forgot.

Golden to become Hydrogen bomb test site

Thermonuclear devices, which are always a subject of considerable discussion in certain segments of the Colorado School of Mines, are becoming a fixture in the thoughts of greater student body. Dr. Germhart Frizdich, an applied physicist here at Mines, has said that work will begin on a device that can be used to contain the explosion from the detonation of a thermonuclear device.


Geek of the Week: Erin Keogh, Sophomore, Civil

When it comes right down to it, geeks are just people who are incredibly enthusiastic about the things they love. They are people who pursue their passions whole-heartedly, with reckless abandon, and refuse to care what other people may say about their choices. From her tendency to greet friends and strangers alike with an excited “HI!” to her willingness to join any fun-sounding, half-planned adventures, Erin shatters stereotypes about geeks being anti-social while obviously displaying the nerdy trademark of enthusiastic passion for life and all the little joys it brings.


Faculty Spotlight: Gwyneth Holston

It is not uncommon, at times, to overlook huge campus contributors such as teacher’s assistants and adjunct faculty who devote much of their time to Mines. Whether they are the in the chemistry labs, or in the classrooms, they all share a passion for the field which they are involved. One such memeber is Gwyneth Holston, an Adjunct Faculty member in the Math Department.

This Week in Colorado History: Editors

In October 1903, the editor of “The Colorado Transcript,” General George West, fell ill with pneumonia. “The Rocky Mountain Herald” reported “grave fears [were] entertained for his recovery.” At the time, West was nearly seventy-seven and having been a newspaperman in Colorado for forty-four years was the longest tenured editor in the state. West, described as the “nestor of the profession in this state” by “The Herald”, recovered and lived until 1906. The same week, “The Colorado Transcript” celebrated the beginning of its thirty-eighth volume and incorporated itself as a private company.

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