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Geek of the Week: Christina Bailo, Senior, Engineering Physics

While most of the world thinks of geeks as scrawny, super-smart, socially-impaired bibliophiles who spend half of their time studying and the other half playing nerdy games, Mines geeks tend to break stereotypes so thoroughly that only a combination of duct tape and Chuck Norris could put them back together. Christina Bailo is a perfect example of this phenomenon. Her status as a senior in Engineering Physics would imply she spends all her time inside studying. However, her interview with the Oredigger manages to eliminate that conception entirely.

Conflict analysis in cumulative scheduling

One of the most valuable commodities in today’s society is time. The faster something can be done, the better. To discuss the value of time, Jens Schultz, a doctorate student at the University of Berlin, offered Mines a guest lecture on Conflict Analysis in Cumulative Scheduling. Schultz’ research searches for ways to help businesses maximize their output while minimizing the time required by using mathematical analysis.

Choosing wine with confidence

For graduating seniors, many emotions accompany the end of their time at Mines. It is a time of celebration, but also a time of change and uncertainty for many students. In order to celebrate graduating seniors and provide a fun and informative experience, the CSM Alumni Association sponsored “Choosing Wine With Confidence,” a wine tasting class and alumni networking night.

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