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The Football Informant: Apocalypse now, Tuscaloosa style

After a sluggish start to the season that featured an eight-team logjam of unbeaten sides through seven weeks, the chaos of conference play has erupted in full. In quick succession, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Clemson, and Kansas State absorbed their first losses to drop essentially out of the national title picture, for now. Arkansas and Stanford barely held on to their spots in the pecking order, and suddenly the title chase is the clearest it has been all season. But upsets giveth, and upsets taketh away, and it would only take a few more critical slip-ups to create a chaotic mix of six or seven one-loss teams and an unbeaten Boise State. Speaking for all football fans, I would love to see the BCS sort that one out. Meanwhile, here is my second Top Ten ranking, which once again attempts to reflect which teams are the best in college football.

Weekly Sports Recap: 10/31/11

Oredigger athletics results as of 12:00 AM Sunday:

Oct. 23:
MSoccer – Reigs 3, #23 CSM 2 – Mines surrendered three first-half goals as they fell to the Rangers 3-2. Goalkeeper Manville Strand made six saves while Tesho Akindele scored his 13th goal of the year and Baski Baker scored his seventh of the year in the loss.
WSoccer – #19 CSM 2, Adams St 2 2OT – Adams State scored two goals in the final ten minutes to earn the tie. Goalkeeper Amy Hegarty made three saves and Megan Woodworth scored her sixth and seventh goals of the season in the tie.

Josh Ratliff

Mind at Mines: Snow day snowfall?

Students know that CSM is a very academically intense school. With few days off and classes even on Labor Day, it is very likely that students will have class every time it is scheduled. During snowy months, however, every storm brings hope of that elusive day off. It may take a miracle snowfall for classes to be cancelled, but with the unpredictability of weather in Colorado, any snow storm could be the one. To get a perspective on just what needs to happen for classes to be cancelled, Minds at Mines asks, “How much does snow is necessary for a snow day at Mines?”

Maritime disputes in East Asia

“Japan, China and the U.S. have some overlapping interests and some conflicting interests in terms of maritime security in East Asia,” said Dr. Yoichiro Sato, Director International Strategic Studies at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. Sato provided the Hennebach Program in the Humanities Department with a lecture entitled “China, Japan, and Maritime Disputes in East Asia,” in which he discussed his research on the maritime security.

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