Cooking Corner: ¡Queso!

Every college student should develop an arsenal of easy-to-make, cheap foods. These dishes are what get students through grueling semesters, in hopes of graduating and never having to eat pickles with cheese ever again. There are some staples, though, that will follow students past their college years. One of them is a simple and delicious queso dip.

Ingredients (makes roughly 4-6 servings):
1 pound of ground beef
1 box of Velveeta cheese
1 can of salsa (mild or hot)
1 can of Rotel tomatoes

Cut the Velveeta cheese into smaller cubes. Place the cubes into a pot on the stove and set the stove between low and medium heat. While the cheese melts, brown the ground beef in a frying pan. When the cheese is halfway melted, pour in the tomatoes and salsa. Make sure to mix the cheese frequently (about every 3 minutes) to keep it from sticking. Once the ground beef is thoroughly cooked and browned, pour it into the cheese. Continue stirring the cheese every 3-5 minutes. Once the cheese reaches the desired consistency, pour it into bowls and enjoy. Another popular way of enjoying queso dip is making and mixing the cheese in a crockpot. This method has the advantage of keeping the dip warm during a party as well.

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